Grief is more than death. Grief is not just related to the loss of a life, but rather I believe that grief is the loss of a future that was once wanted, anticipated, even certain. We grieve our old self before motherhood, we grieve when our children leave home, we grieve when a relationship ends, and right now many of us are grieving a life before the COVID-19 Pandemic. These are all real types of grief and all deserve recognition and understanding.


I decided to write this Ebook to try and help people get an insight into what grief is and what it isn't. As a community I believe that we often don't recognise and appreciate grief for what it is and we are often at a loss of how to help someone through grief.


This Ebook is definitely not complete analysis of grief, it is my understanding. I will leave the research to the experts. I have included some of the coping strategies and essential oil blends that I use to help me through my grief.

Please know and respect that your grief journey will be different to mine. There is no comparison and there never should be. I just hope that this little Ebook can help you navigate your journey.


Be kind to yourself.

Grieving More than Death

  • At the moment this eBook is only available for download to adobe acrobat reader. I am exploring other options as I proceed along this journey.